Divorce can be difficult to deal with, no matter why it happened, or how long the marriage was. Not only can it take a toll on you emotionally, but it can also be draining physically. However, while divorce may be difficult, that doesn’t mean all […]

When parents are more focused on the legal process of divorce and their own emotional needs than their children’s needs, those children are irreparably harmed by divorce – and they suffer due to parents who are unable to parent and divorce at the same time. […]

If you suspect that you’re heading for a divorce, you’re not alone. Many people can tell that their marriage is struggling long before they decide to file for divorce. Even if you’re not committed to ending your marriage, this time before you make things official […]

1.     Hash out what you can before engaging professionals Can any of your negotiations begin around the kitchen table? By setting a baseline of what you see eye-to-eye on before engaging professionals, you establish a level of trust with your spouse. As much as any […]

Getting married is one of your life’s most important and biggest decisions. It’s difficult to find the perfect one, so when you think you’ve finally found your soul mate, you get married and naturally assume this marriage will last forever. But what if it doesn’t? […]

1. You Doubt Your Feelings and Reality Due to the various techniques the abuser has used, you may initially doubt that you are being abused at all. Instead, you may try to convince yourself that the treatment you are receiving “isn’t that bad,” or perhaps […]

Gaslighting is an increasingly talked-about type of interpersonal manipulation, often appearing in abusive relationships, and most commonly seen in romantic relationships. It is an undercover form of emotional abuse where the abuser misleads their victim by creating a false story that disregards the victim’s concerns and […]

If you’re creating a parenting plan, now is an ideal time to comprehensively address issues affecting your child’s future. Imagining hypothetical scenarios, coming up with solutions, and proposing them to the other parent takes effort. But if you don’t submit a thorough plan to the court, you’re […]

My daily social media travels is filled with divorced or almost divorced women turning to each other for support and there is one thing you won’t find on there: Men. Single dads and divorced dads are not gathering in tribes on social media boards or in person […]