Wealth Planning

For an investment strategy to be effective, it must be made in the context of the wealth planning issues faced by the client. At Long Green Planning Group “issue specific” planning is integral to our wealth management process. We perform wealth planning on a modular basis rather than compelling the client to do a major all-encompassing plan at the onset of our relationship.

From our experience, an all-encompassing plan may include many issues that are irrelevant to a client at a certain point in time. Therefore, most of the plan goes virtually unutilized. We perform ‘issue specific’ planning when a client needs it most, when the process can provide the most value to a client. ‘Issue specific’ planning allows for a client’s wealth plan to be more flexible and cost-efficient.

The following are some areas of our wealth planning services:

  • Cash Flow – Analyzing a client’s income, expenses, and overall financial position to determine resources available to meet goals.
  • Retirement – Determining a client’s ability to maintain a desired lifestyle throughout retirement, how best to save for and fund retirement expenses, and how best to utilize Social Security and other pension benefits.
  • Estate & Tax – Analyzing wills, trusts, powers of attorney and other documents to determine if current strategies will effectively transfer the client’s assets to heirs at minimal cost. Managing taxes effectively during both pre-retirement and post-retirement years.
  • Education – Determining the most effective means to save and invest for education expenses.

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