Our Process

We will follow a simple process for wealth planning.

  1. Initial meeting – We will discuss your finances at a high level, the services we can provide to help you meet your objectives, expectations, fees and the next steps.
  2. Gather information – We will help define your financial situation, personal and financial goals, timeline and attitude about risk. We will gather all relevant financial documents and information.
  3. Analyze and evaluate – We will analyze your information to assess your situation and determine what’s needed to move forward.
  4. Develop and present – We will develop and review financial planning recommendations with you that address your goals and concerns and revise recommendations as needed. We will present you with specific recommendations and a timeline to follow.
  5. Implement your plan – Together we will agree on how the specifics of your plan will be carried out and provide necessary accountability. We may carry out the recommendations for you or coordinate the process with other professionals.
  6. Monitor and adjust  – We will monitor your progress, keep you on track and make any necessary adjustments as time goes on.

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