Divorce Planning

You agree that the best thing is to end your marriage and move on. You’re reasonable and can sit at a table together and discuss the situation. You want to avoid a costly court battle. Perhaps you really don’t even need a mediator. However, despite the fact that you are amicable, you have been married a long time and just don’t know where to start. You and your partner need financial guidance during your divorce in order to separate the finances fairly.

You might have investments, retirement accounts, pensions, businesses, expenses, rental properties, etc. How in the world do you structure a property settlement that is fair and won’t get you into tax trouble? It’s possible that some creativity could save both of you taxes so you both get to keep more of your own money. Would you like to be able to see in black and white how a settlement would impact your futures?

You have come to the right place.

Working with couples as a financial neutral to help you come up with that win-win settlement is our favorite way to work. Get all those questions answered and more. Let us provide you with a kinder, gentler, more affordable divorce solution.