My daily social media travels is filled with divorced or almost divorced women turning to each other for support and there is one thing you won’t find on there: Men. Single dads and divorced dads are not gathering in tribes on social media boards or in person […]

When divorcing, should you obtain an appraisal or a Comparative Market Analysis? What’s the difference? The two most common methods for obtaining real property value are obtaining an appraisal from a licensed appraiser or having a real estate professional provide a CMA— but what’s the […]

Getting a divorce can be a lengthy and complicated process, and it’s easy to end up just focusing on getting through it. But it’s important to consider your long-term plans from when you begin divorce proceedings so that you know what you want from the […]

The end of a chapter doesn’t always have to be a bad thing — it can be an opportunity to start over and write an even better story than the last. This can even be applied in the case of a divorce, which can be […]

It may surprise many people that the close quarantine requirements of 2020 have not resulted in an increase in divorces, and in fact, divorce rates may have declined. An even bigger surprise might be that the same rules for marriage to succeed also apply to successful divorces. […]

Money and marriage often go hand in hand. If I were sitting in a room full of female friends and I wanted to talk about sex, we would giggle, poke fun at each other, ask questions, admit to all sorts of things, and talk all […]

1.     Financial Flexibility Even without a shared bank account, romantic relationships are characterized by a sense of mutuality when it comes to divorce finances. Singles experience a level of financial freedom that coupled individuals do not. As a single person, your money is yours to spend […]

Planning for college costs is a burden and point of stress for any family with college-bound kids, but for separated and divorced parents the process can be an added point of contention and stress. Applying for financial aid and student loans has become an increasingly difficult […]